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A fLAVoRfULL, pHeNoMeNAl,fUN, fUNky fRiDAy tO aLL/.)????????????????????????⬆️ NeW ReleASe, from “MeGA*NuT”,caLLeD, ”ALeRNUTiVe fUNk”AVAILABLE NoW, oN bandcamp /.)wET yoUR hAPPy,gO fUNky Appetite, wiTH tHiS sLAMMiN’ ,NuT*MeG gEM ???? ,oF a jAM, tO gET yoU iN aND oUT, oF aNy jAM,sMoOTH,like pURe NuT*BUTTeR/.) MuTTeR,sAy wHAT?wHAT tHAT NuT uTTeR/.)?NuTTiN’cAN bE bETTeR, tHAN tHe pURe NuT*BUTTeR ????????????????????????⬆️gO gET sOMe […]

Lonnie Marshall “2021 pUN sALUTe” Poetry Book

“2021 pUN sALUTe”, is a collection of 21 soulful, insightful, uplifting, humorous, playful and powerfully passionate poems written by South Central Los Angeles Cultural ART/MuSiC Legend Lonnie “MeGA*NuT” MARSHALL . These poems were playfully constructed, between March 2020 and July 2021, providing an empowering perspective on possible ways, to move from hateful to grateful, survival […]

Mega*Nut Album

Cosmic Relief, Groove Healing and Verbal Remedies is the new album from Mega*Nut.  Released as individual singles in 2020.

Dumb Down Wise Up

Thank yoU for your Listening/:)This song written in June 2020 recorded and released now, especially for you /:) enjoy

Funky Friday’s

Released September 11, 2020, “fUNky fRiDAy’S” featuring Mike “kiDD fUNkADeliC” HamptoN, Garrett Shider, Deborah Axe, Charlie lAKe,PoNy aND fUNky fRiDAy’S pLAyeRz/:)LaMoNT SyDNoR(dRuMz). IN hONoR oF, aND dEDiCATeD tO *BleWfOOT*