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Lonnie Marshall’s “Groove Healing” Funky Fridays

Magical Music and Art Improv Experience

Every Friday Night in Hollywood at Delicious Pizza 7–9:30 pm
6601 Sunset Blvd 90028

pLAyiN witH tHe fuNkNoWN


Billboard Magazine

"Lonnie's one of the funkiest bass players alive today - I've totally copped stuff off him..." ~Flea, Red Hot Chili Peppers (Bass Player Magazine) "I signed this band first and foremost because of their musicianship and stage personality, they're the kind of band that likes to tour to break down barriers, so nothing's going to stop them." – Stone Gossard, Pearl Jam
Bass Player Magazine

"Flea called Lonnie "Meganut" Marshall "one of the funkiest bass players alive today." One listen to Weapon of Choice and you might want to follow Flea's lead...With Meganut at the helm, the [seven] person, Southern CA based funk/hip-hop conglomeration slams its way through a Frank Zappa-meets-Parliament wall o'funk that's as deep as it is wide." – Gregory Isola
Bass Player Magazine

Lonnie "Meganut" Marshall was rated Top 10 Funk Bass Players in the Nation, along with Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Larry Graham, Bootsy Collins, Les Claypool Stanley Clarke, and Victor Wooten. – Readers Poll
Pause and Play

"Weapon of Choice lead singer Lonnie "Meganut" Marshall isn't a hard nut to crack. He and his seven nutty bandmates wear their eccentricity on their collective sleeve, mining '70s- style funk with streetwise hip-hop and lots of genres in between." – Gary Galipault
Billboard Magazine

"The hybrid sound [of Weapon of Choice] offers a richly layered musical landscape of bass and drum, slashing guitar, and rhythmic romps capped by metaphoric verse.   The effect is similar to the psychedelic rock'n'rhythm bands of the 70s- such as Santana, Slave, and Sly and the Family Stone." – Gregory Isola
High Times Magazine

"Weapon of Choice is a pure funk free-for-all.   Like Fishbone, WOC can rock out, but greasy grooves are more their style.   On stage, it's nuttin' but a potty, with costumes, outrageous hats and a fancy dancer, tantalizing the crowd with her flirtatious flow." – Steve Bloom

"Weapon of Choice has inherited the rock- laced R&B mantle that Sly Stewart once wore. As did Sly & the Family Stone, Weapon of Choice specializes in phat-bottomed bass funk, chattering keyboards and snappy drumming. But where Sly was a little skimpy on the guitar twiddling, Weapon of Choice has taken a cue from Hendrix-inspired funkadelia, littering its grooves with wah-wah-pedal effects and blistering hard-rock lead guitar--weapon of choice indeed" ~ Nicky Baxter
All Music Guide

"Weapon of Choice are all about retro funk -- not the kind of computer-programmed dance-funk that became en vogue during the early 21st century, but rather the type actually played by human beings on instruments. The leader Lonnie Marshall supplies one heck of an elasticy bass groove and sounds a bit like Curtis Mayfield (especially due to the use of falsetto vocals). In a nutshell - they rarely make funk like this anymore." – Greg Prato